Casting Wax

Introduction to Casting Wax

Investment casting refers to a method of manufacturing casts by producing molds using finely crushed fire-resistant materials, and pouring in melted metals with the moisture of molds and organic matter removed by means of firing.

In ancient times, this method was also adopted in Egyptian culture and ancient Chinese casting technologies. Today there is a huge range of industrial goods manufactured using this method, covering various fields from relatively large items such as aircraft parts through to small items such as golf club heads, valves, automobile parts, communications device parts, and materials for dental treatments, etc.

S. KATO & CO. subsidiary company Nippon Wax Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells wax used in production of models with injections of wax into molds carried out at the first stage of investment casting.

Our wax uses carefully selected raw materials, with various special characteristics as mold wax, gaining rave reviews from countless users in Japan and overseas.


Our Casting Wax has the following characteristics.

  • 1. Extremely good size precision
  • 2. Minimal surface shrinkage
  • 3. Smooth surface
  • 4. Good mold release characteristics, and excellent workability
  • 5. Little ash
  • 6. Excellent heat-resisting properties, enabling repeated use

Uses of Casting Wax

  • Golf club headGolf club head
  • Aircraft partsAircraft parts
  • Automobile partsAutomobile parts
  • Dental treatment materialsDental treatment materials

Technical materials

Coming soon.

Product-related inquiries

It can also be used for various other purposes in addition to those described above. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information or sample requests, etc.

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