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Having handled wax for many years, S. KATO & CO. paid attention to the potential of wax and in 1967 the wholly-owned subsidiary Nippon Wax Co., Ltd. was established. The raw material known as wax has infinite potential in different uses thanks to its versatility. S. KATO & CO. imports, exports and sells wax, and its subsidiary company Nippon Wax maintains a system that can respond to wide-ranging customer demands through its refining and processing function.

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In 1901, S. KATO & CO. was established in Osaka, then expanded the bussiness and branches to Tienjin, Dalian and other large cities in northeast China.
After the Second World War, the import business was started at the same time as the resumption of private trade, and in recent years we have been putting particular effort into working with chemicals and natural products, focusing on all kinds of wax. At present, our core business is the import and sales of Sasol Wax (Fischer-Tropsch wax/FT wax). For more than 50 years, since 1964, we have conducted business as the Japanese exclusive distributor for wax manufactured by Sasol Chemicals.

Company name
President Takumi Kato
MF Minami-Morimachi Building, 2-3-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0041
+81-6-6352-0421 (switchboard)
E-mail address
Capital stock
20 million yen
No. of employees
Business contents
Import and export of products including all kinds of natural and synthetic wax, natural gum, graphite (made in Sri Lanka), flavorings and natural medicine

Nippon Wax Co., Ltd.

Nippon Wax Co., Ltd. was established in February 1967 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of S. KATO & CO. in order to carry out wax manufacturing.
Thereafter, having signed technical cooperation agreements with Kahl & Co. (Germany) and Cornelius Wax Refining Corporation (U.S.) for the refining of all kinds of compound wax and beeswax, the business was developed extensively to include manufacturing of natural and synthetic wax centering on the refining of carnauba wax and candelilla wax, and manufacturing of casting wax for investment casting, etc.

Company name
Nippon Wax Co., Ltd.
President Takumi Kato
4-1-1 Ikenomiya, Hirakata-shi, Osaka 573-0005
Capital stock
20 million yen
No. of employees
Business contents
Refining wax/manufacturing/wax blending
Main factory
4-1-1 Ikenomiya, Hirakata-shi, Osaka
East factory
4-13-8 Ikenomiya, Hirakata-shi, Osaka



Nearest station: Minamimorimachi Station, Osaka Municipal Subway, Tanimachi Line and Sakaisuji Line/Osakatemmangu Station, JR Tozai Line

Nippon Wax Co., Ltd.

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S. KATO & CO. established
Reorganized into public company
Japanese exclusive distributor agreement signed with Sasol Chem
Nippon Wax Co., Ltd. established
100th anniversary year of S. KATO & CO.’s establishment
Acquired ISO14001 certification
50th anniversary year of Japanese exclusive distributor agreement with Sasol Chemicals
50th anniversary year of establishment of Nippon Wax Co., Ltd.
S. KATO & CO. and Nippon Wax corporate logo updated
New Nippon Wax Co., Ltd. factory completed

CSR - corporate activities with concern for the environment

Basic principle

Our aim is to conduct corporate activities enabling healthy preservation of the global environment and resources, with top priority given to the issue of the preciousness of resources.

Environmental initiatives

For a long time, we have provided waxes and natural resins to various markets. Such products are positioned as natural products thought to be people-friendly, and are far removed from toxic substances such as heavy metals or hormone-disrupting chemicals. Going forwards, we will consider products from an advanced perspective - not only ensuring that the products we handle and develop are people-friendly, but also that they are friendly to the global environment - and we will put this to use in our future corporate activities.

Here, S. KATO & CO. would like to declare an environment policy outlining its views on the theme of the environment not only to existing clients, but also to future corporate and individual partners as well as the general public.

Information regarding ISO certification acquisition

ISO 14001
Certification subject
Related plant
Nippon Wax Co., Ltd.
Date of acquisition
January 9th, 2004
Scope of activities
Refining and wholesale of natural wax
Manufacturing and wholesale of synthetic wax
Wholesale of essential oils and natural gum
Certification number
Acquired ISO 14001 (registration certificate)

Environmental policy

Based on our refining and wholesale of natural wax, manufacturing and wholesale of synthetic wax, and wholesale of essential oils and natural gum, we carry out environment management based on the following policy.

  • 1. Through our business activities, we shall aim to protect and improve the environment by keeping in mind the need to save resources and reduce waste.
  • 2. We shall consciously aim to reduce environmental effects in relation to the refining/manufacturing and wholesale of the raw materials that form our products, endeavoring to prevent pollution, and implementing continual improvement of the environmental management system.
  • 3. We shall adhere to environmental laws and accomplish customers’ requirements and other requirements agreed by our company.
  • 4. The use of products marketed by our company shall be limited to development and market expansion of products for which effort is made at all times to ensure friendliness with the global environment. We shall also appeal to suppliers to develop and market products in this way.
  • 5. We shall provide a framework for setting environmental objective and conducts reviews as necessary.
  • 6. This policy shall be maintained as documented information, and shall also be available on our website for suppliers, clients and the general public to read.
President Takumi Kato
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