Sasol Wax

Introduction to Sasol Wax

High-quality Fischer-Tropsch wax (FT wax) manufactured by Sasol Chemicals.

Sasol Wax is manufactured by South Africa’s Sasol Chemicals with natural gas as a raw material.
Sasol Chemicals was the first company in the world to start manufacturing Fischer-Tropsch wax (FT wax), and even today produces wax products of the highest quality with excellent competitiveness to respond to various industrial fields and their prescriptions.
With Sasol Chemicals’ advanced Fischer-Tropsch production technology, Sasol Wax is available in a line-up of many grades, many of which conform to the United States’ FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
As Sasol Chemicals’ Japanese exclusive distributor, we import and sell approximately 3,000 tons of Sasol Wax per year.

Exhibiting high levels of performance in various uses

The characteristics of Sasol Wax include excellent crystallinity, a high melting point, low melting viscosity, and hardness. This is a wax that can meet a wide range of needs with various melting points, congealing points and product forms.
Its straight-chain, branchless molecular composition realizes these properties, and its performance tends to remain even when under high-temperature conditions, with almost no deterioration even when exposed to heat for a long time.

Uses of Sasol Wax

  • AdhesiveAdhesive
  • Ink/paintInk/paint
  • Textile finishing agentTextile finishing agent
  • PolishPolish
Hot-melt adhesives
Used in open time, set time, and as a controlling agent for products’ pliability and tensile strength
Used as wear-resistance improving agent, slipping agent, and matting agent
Textile finishing agent
Used as an agent for improving sewing performance, knitting performance, pliability in relation to abrasion, and tear strength
Polymer process
Used as an agent to extend the length of melting time through excellent slippage effects, reduce melting torque, and extend stabilization time
Used to preserve coating membrane and apply brilliance

Technical materials

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Product-related inquiries

It can also be used for various other purposes in addition to those described above. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information or sample requests, etc.

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